Mr Reynolds and Mr Owen would just like to say a BIG thank you to everyone in Year 3! You have all been fantastic and we wish every single one of you all the very best for the rest of your time at school and beyond.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

Mr O and Mr R 🙂

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Pupils of the Week!

Well done to this weeks pupils of the week Lydia, Elysia, Erin and Finley. they received their awards for  fantastic lead dancing during our Christmas Play and for great work spotting poetic features during Literacy plus super times-table skills.

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Two Moors Monopoly

In Maths the children have been using and applying their Maths skills to play a game based on the famous Monopoly Board Game. In it the children had to use their column addition and subtraction skills plus knowledge of place value to work with large numbers in a fun context.

It was great fun so get those board games out over Christmas and practice those Maths skills!WP_20141209_001 1

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Year 3 Traction Man Writing

Year 3 have finished writing their very own Traction Man adventure and mystery stories set in Egypt. After receiving an email from the Traction Man author and illustrator Mini Grey the children have today emailed her their stories to see what she thinks?

Have a look at some of our writing below and please comment!

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Year 3 with their finished Traction Man books


Traction Man is lying in the humps of an ancient Egypt camel and the camel is walking to the pyramid with King Tuts deaths mask and gold.

Traction man and scrubbing brush are confused because the sun has gone and Traction man saw lots of gold and a death-mask that is so shiny but they heard “Help, help I ma stuck in King Tuts death-mask,” so Traction man went over to the noise and found a bright green lizard locked up by Doctor Sand. Traction Man said to Scrubbing Brush “We need to rescue that bright green lizard,” “Arf, arf, arf,”

Traction Man went over to Doctor Sand and said “Could you guard my camel in case he runs away,” “Ok but why,” “Because I am looking at your gold,” ‘Oh thank you but don’t steel anything,” “I wont I promise.”

Out goes Doctor-Sand slithering away loudly while Traction Man rescues the bright, green lizard out of the death-mask using his sand-proof suit and his earthquake-gloves. “Arf, arf, arf,” barls Scrubbing Brush. “Shhh Scrubbing Brush,” replied Traction Man. “Oh thanks Traction Man I have been in that Death-Mask for a long time and Doctor Sands food he cooks me is horrible so I spit it out.” “Ok why don’t you come with me to our house,” “Yes I will,” “Arf, Arf, Arf”.

Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush are lying on a blood- red sun bed reading a Traction Man adventure and they are ready for anything.

Erin Kiff

Traction Man and the missing pearl

Speeding along on his galloping camel Traction Man is searching for the missing pearl. Wearing his super-sonic-seagull-suit. And taking along with him his loyal Scrubbing Brush who is going to help out on the dangerous mission. But what’s this. “Arf, arf, arf,” warned Scrubbing Brush. The camel stopped with fear and Traction Man followed Scrubbing Brush anxiously to some mysterious footprints that lead to the missing pearl in the middle of Abu Simbel.

Traction Man grabbed out his ultra-footprint-scanner and started to follow them. But as they were crawling Scrubbing Brush found himself caught in one of the foot prints. Traction Man had to tug him out with his super-strong-tight-rope. ‘Thank you,” barked Scrubbing Brush with joy as he went flying over on to the burning hot sand. “You found the missing pearl, well done Scrubbing Brush, “ cheered Traction Man proudly. “Thank you Scrubbing Brush,” Traction Man said delightfully.

Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush are sunbathing underneath the toasting sun in Cairo and you should always know that they are ready for anything!

Aiden F

Traction Man and magic jems

Traction Man is playing mega-football with a shiny, grey pebble in the ancient gold temple of Tutancarmun. Their circler-shaped pebble looked tiny compared to the big brown chocolate-chip discs Traction man and brave Scrubbing Brush are eating.

“Help, help,” a mysterious voice whispered. Traction Man followed the sound and he came to a hidden tomb and he wandered inside. He found two of the Canopic Jars trapped in a big-wooden-ancient box. He quickly led them out and they whispered “Look inside me I’ve got you a gift.” Traction Man found seven magic jems. “Thank you.” Shouted Traction Man.

The Canopic Jars thanked Traction Man. “Harey for Traction Man.” They cheered. “all in a days work .” Traction Man cried with joy. Scrubbing brush is juggling with the jems when he suddenly threw them at traction Man and he carried them back to the temple.

On the way back Scrubbing brush moaned and cried “Good by.” Sadly as he wandered away with traction Man. When they got back they decided to play more football for an hour and the score was 59, 41 to Scrubbing Brush.

‘What a day.” Whispered Traction Man as he saw the jems create a double rainbow and King Tut’s death mask fell from the rainbow above and 598 rings and now they are ready for anything!


Traction Man goes to the Ancient Pyramid

Firstly Traction man and Scrubbing Brush are visiting Giza to see the pyramids and the River Nile and the deadly Nile Crocodiles. Suddenly Traction man heard a canopy jar shouting “Help, help, help I am stuck in the River Nile.” Traction Man zoomed to the rescue and then saved him using his mega-stretchy-elastic-rope. “Thanks Traction Man. The crocodiles almost ate me.” Said a soggy canopy Jar. “No problem.” Said Traction man as Scrubbing Brush scrubbed the jar dry.

Traction Man and his handsome pet Scrubbing brush are going back to Giza. Traction man and Scrubbing Brush go inside of King Tuts pyramid. Traction Man and Scrubbing brush go to the mysterious pyramid to get the gold but the gold is guarded. Fantastically Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush have done in Ancient Egypt and now we can go back to the house and relax at home.

Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush are lying on the burning-hot-sand wearing their crocodile-proof-swimsuits and super-cool-sunglasses and they are ready for anything!


Traction Man and the Terrible Temple.

Traction Man is sunbathing with his pet Scrubbing Brush in the fresh-blooming-garden of Abo Simble. Their deckchairs were as soft as the dogs velvet tails in the yard.

‘Over here.” Said a voice from inside. It was coming from an old-dusty cupboard. Traction Man picked up Scrubbing brush as quick as possible and followed the strange sound, but they forgot one thing. Traction Man’s super-sonic-strong man-pants and Scrubbing Brush’s spectacular-stick-on-beard.

Traction Man raced to the cupboard and tried t pull it forward but he couldn’t so Scrubbing brush had a go but he couldn’t so Traction Man remembered his equipment. He was Traction Man, would he give up no! So he tried again using his extra-strong-string and he did it!

‘Thank you,” sobbed the creature. It was the sobbing-Scribes pencil. Suddenly a well known monster poked the tip of his pointy nose in the air and it was the Medjay’s sword.

Traction Man karate kicked his enemy and said “Don’t thank me it’s my job!” Traction Man is watching the sunset in his extra-warm-pj’s and as he knows he is ready for anything.

Megan. P

Traction Man’s Egyptian Adventure

Traction Man’s is inventing a magnificent robot when he heard a whimpering noise. He started walking when he realised he had forgot his magic-proof-suit. “Arf, arf, arf.” Shouted Scrubbing Brush. He wanted his suit to so they went back to get his from Traction Man’s house.

“Scrubbing Brush can you hear that loud noise?” asked Traction Man. “Yes.” Said Scrubbing Brush, it was Lucy the Nile Crocodile and she was shouting “Can you come and rescue me?” “Scrubbing Brush, come on we need to get there.” Said Traction Man.

Wearing his crocodile-proof-t-shirt and his slip-on trousers Traction Man is running to save Lucy but Scrubbing Brush is just walking slowly. Lucy was stuck in the rising dam so Traction Man used his mega-stretchy-rope to grab her from the rising Nile. “ Thank you Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush for saving me.” Screamed Lucy excitedly. “Your welcome.” Replied Traction Man.

Traction Man and Scrubbing brush are lying down right next to the really fast flowing Nile and they are planning their next awesome adventure and they are both ready for anything.


Traction man and the curse of the Mummy.

Playing hide and seek by the astonishing Pyramids of Giza traction man is using his invincible-binoculars to find Scrubbing Brush.

“Help, help, help.” Cried a voice. It came towards them and said “My partner has gone!”. “What doe she look like?” asked Traction Man. “He is a spear.” Replied the voice. “We are on the case!’ called Traction Man.

Traction Man is inside the amazing Pyramids of Giza using his super-sonic-metal-detector when he fell down a hole! Traction Man heard a clang and he and found the lost spear. “A mummy put me in hear. I shouted as loud as I could but no one came!” cried the spear. “Ok but lets get out of here.” Ordered Traction Man.

“Thank you.” Said the spear and he gave Traction man a golden stick. “Thanks but it is just what I do.” Said Traction Man.

Traction Man is still searching for the sneaky Scrubbing Brush and he knows he is ready for anything, or is he?

Harvey. S

Traction Man and the mystery of the Nile Forest.

Traction Man is walking rapidly to desperately find the ancient old canopy jar. “Ar, ar, ar.” Traction heard the noise shout. He put on his jackal-hearing-aid so he could find out where it was coming from. “It’s coming from over there Scrubbing Brush.” Aid Traction Man pointing towards the forest in the distance. Traction Man and Scrubbing brush ran as fast as a falcon towards the forest. ‘look over there Scrubbing brush.” Said Tarction Man “It’s the mysterious-scary-pharaoh-monster and under it is the ancient-old-canopic-jar.” “Let’s go and rescue it.”

Traction Man put on his super-speedy-trainers and ran so fast he went to rescue the ancient-canopic-jar. The ancient-canopi-jar showed Traction Man the spell to defeat the monster because he was being the meanest he had been in twelve centuries. The ancient-canopic-jar cast the spell on the monster and he disappeared in a whoosh. They all rejoiced and Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush went the humungous book with square shiny wheels. “Bye, bye.” Said the ancient-canopy –jar loudly. “Next time you visit you can call me Canopic Jar, see you soon.”

Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush are relaxing at home with a nice cup of hot chocolate wearing their soft-animal-onesies by the spar and they are both ready for anything.



Traction Mans Biggest Adventure to save the Canopic Jar

Traction Man and Scrubbing brush are exploring Abu Simble. Suddenly they heard a sound so Traction man out on his super-sonic-hearing-aid.

When Traction Man heard the sound they ended up at a pyramid so Traction Man went inside and there was loads of gold but they were hoping to find the canopic jars so Traction Man put on his super-inflatable-suit.

So off Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush went and there was Tutankhamun and he was rolling down the bumpy-stairs at the top of the pyramid. Traction Man grabbed his ultimate-catcher-rope and pulled Tutankhamun. “Are you ok.” Said Traction Man. “Yes.” Replied Tutankhamun. “Arf, arf, arf.” said Scrubbing brush. “What’s that Scrubbing Brush? You think we could use him to help us find the amazing-canopic-jar.” Said Traction Man.

“Tutankhamun, do you know where the canopic-jar is?’ asked Tarction Man. “Yes, go left.” Said Tutankhamun. So off they went. Suddenly Creepy Crawly appeared so Tarction Man and Scrubbing Brush put their animal-protection-suits on. They both crawled through the dark tunnel past Creepy Crawly and they spotted the amazing-canopic-jar.

“Scrubbing brush watch out the Terrible Tiger.” Said Traction Man. “Thank you.” Said Scrubbing Brush. “Your welcome.” Replied Traction Man. “Now let’s grab the Canopic-jar.” Whispered Tarction Man so they grabbed it and crept out.

Tarction Man and Scrubbing brush are sat down watching their favourite TV show, hugging the canopic-jar and they are now ready for anything.


Traction Man’s Egyptian exams.

Traction Man is relaxing in a mammoth-super-sonic-submarine in the Nile. But suddenly, a colossal Nile Crocodile broke through the floor. “Oh no.” Traction Man shouted. Scrubbing Brush panicked. “It’s ok.” Traction Man declared. But it was too late, the Croc took Scrubbing Brush in his giant-jaws.

Traction Man dived in to save his loyal-companion before the Croc ate Scrubbing brush like a hot-dog. Traction Man shot his high-tech-tranquilizer-gun at the colossal crocodile and he let go of Scrubbing Brush. Traction Man tugged Scrubbing brush out of the water and back to dry land as the submarine had sunk to the bottom of the Nile.

“Thank you, thank you.” Scrubbing Brush cried and he gave Traction Man a great big hug. “Ha, ha, ha.” Traction Man as Scrubbing Brush jumped on the sand next to Traction Man. “Your welcome, my brave padawan.” Said Traction Man as he gazed at the lava-hot disc above them.

Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush are sunbathing on the hot sand next to the Great Sphinx and they are now ready for anything!


Egyptian Maths Investigation

Year 3 have been using their measuring skills to make an Egyptian Shaduf. A shaduf is a device that farmers use to get water from the River Nile to irrigate their farmland. The bucket is dipped into the river, and the weight at the other end of the “see saw” makes it easy to lift the water at the opposite end.

Year 3 had to measure in cm to create a shaduf of a certain height before using some larger materials to make a bigger shaduf outside in teams. What do you think?

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